In these recordings I was playing on a myriad of found sound instruments as well as flute. Listen closely and you will hear singing through vacuum cleaner hoses, drift wood percussion, tuned glass bottles and so many more.

The Boy Who Wanted To Talk To Whales  OB101
Robert Minden Ensemble

Nominated for Best Children’s Album JUNO AWARD 1990/ Canada


ARTIST BIOS: Robert Minden, an aspiring concert pianist-turned-sociologist-turned musical saw player, formed the ensemble in 1986 with his two daughters Andrea and Dewi Minden, both classically-trained instrumentalists and French horn player, Carla Hallett.
Andrea Minden brings a background in classical flute, her fascination with dance and movement, and her virtuosic spoon playing techniques to the ensemble’s unique sound.
Dewi Minden is a classically educated trumpet player, composer/ arranger and music teacher. Her work in the Ensemble included arranging the ensemble’s original work for an orchestra of water-tuned bottles, and the unlikely quartet of trumpet, flute, French horn and musical saw. Carla Hallett, French horn and experimental vocalist-composer, joins her voice with the sounds of conch shell, glass bottles, and carpenter’s hand saw.

Whales CD-coverart-web


Long Journey Home   OB102
Robert Minden Ensemble



Whisper in My Ear    OB103
Robert Minden Ensemble

WHISPER-CD cover art-web

Recorded the musical saw part for this lovely poignant little film.