Film Work

Background Acting

selected films and TV shows shot in Vancouver                                                                  that I have worked in as a background actor

“Third World” “Dead Zone” “Stealing Christmas” “Miracle” “The Long Weekend” “Chaos” “Star Gate” “Wicker Man” “X-Men” “Saved” “Scary Movie 4” “White Noise” “Psych” “Passengers” “Reaper” “The L Word” “Bionic Woman” “The Day The Earth Stood Still” “Jennifer’s Body” “Stargate Atlantis” “Cats and Dogs 2” “The Cult” “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” “The A Team” “CTV promo spot for 2010 Olympics” “Hiccups” “Red Riding Hood” “Normal” “Seventh Son” “Fringe” “The Killing” “Penoza” “The Selection” “Elysium” “Motive” “Fear Of The Walking Dead” “The X Files” “Supernatural” “Legends of tomorrow”