Musical Saw

14142020_10153733228121363_1139924894520289152_nPerforming on my Musical Saw at the Vancouver Fringe Festival September 2016.


Playing a musical saw solo in a musical theatre performance

IMG_8526Reunited with a long time friend on December 14 2017 for a super fun lunch time Christmas gig.

Learn more about the musical saw here.

By Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun July 16, 2009                                                              Theatre Under the Stars: Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park Vancouver
Review: Annie

“Leyshon’s direction works hand-in-glove with the serious musical stewardship of Wendy Bross Stuart. A small moment in the second act, for instance, saw Leyshon looking for an authentic old-fashioned musical lick to complement the Oxydent Hour of Smiles radio program. Stuart waved her magic conductor’s baton and hey, presto, there on stage is orchestra member Andrea Minden, briefly freed from her duties in the pit on piccolo and flute, to play (rather sweetly) a bowed saw.”

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